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Indifference Weeks: Shree Paradkar and Citizenship Shouldn

indifference weeks: In the bargain, he offered some desperately needed inspiration to a bleak world that had shrugged with indifference weeks prior when he along with thousands embarked on the perilous boat journey out of Mali across the Mediterranean Sea to the shores of Europe, according to Toronto Star. Mamoudou Gassama was given French citizenship, a medal and a job as a firefighter after risking his life to rescue a child dangling from a balcony. The migrant from Mali was nimble, strong, light-footed and incredibly brave when he so readily risked his life to save another. But citizenship shouldn't be a prize to be given by the rich to the deserving poor, writes Shree Paradkar. Awww, right So wrong. GERARD JULIEN / AFP/GETTY IMAGES For his efforts, he was given French citizenship, a medal and a job as a firefighter. ( As reported in the news.