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Immigration Policies: Group Solidarity and Country Agreement

immigration policies: One person was arrested and there was a brief scuffle between demonstrators and a right-wing commentator who was there to record the protest, according to CTV. A counter-demonstration by groups denouncing the government's immigration policies was held later in the day, with members of the ultranationalist Storm Alliance in attendance. Members of the group Solidarity Without Borders said their gathering at the Lacolle border was to welcome refugees and block a demonstration by a rival group. An average of 50 people a day are believed to be bypassing official border crossings, using a loophole in the Safe Third Country Agreement, which might require them to be turned back to the U.S. if they entered Canada at a legal crossing. We know how desperate and scared they are to have come into this country this way. The refugees have plenty of supporters on this side of the border, despite entering illegally. ( As reported in the news.