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Immigrants: Canada and Labour

immigrants: Doing so, it continues, would help Canada benefit from their human capital in the labour market as it becomes more dependent on immigrant support for its economic growth, according to Vancouver Courier. The study measures how the three classes of immigrants contribute to the economy and shows that while Canada has prioritized economic-class immigrants since the mid-1990s, family-class immigrants do more to boost retention rates and improve outcomes for immigrant families. As the country becomes more dependent on newcomers to fill labour needs, Canada should be looking to improve the labour market barriers and quality of life for newcomers, says the report released Tuesday.article continues below Trending Stories Vancouver's Aboriginal relations manager resigns to run Ian Campbell's mayoral campaign Wily coyotes on the prowl across Vancouver during birthing season'He wasn't fearless but he wasn't afraid' Squamish remembers climber Marc-Andr Leclerc'Superman' actress Margot Kidder dies at age 69 Low earnings and the prevalence of chronic low income among the family class are issues of concern that need to be addressed to help boost the living standards of immigrant families, it says. Newcomers to Canada through family reunification and private sponsorship programs earn significantly less on average than the average Canadian wage, but having family on hand to help with child care allows them to boost their household income by working longer hours. This underscores the utility of family reunification to economic development policy, as it helps to stimulate demand within the economy and add workers to the labour supply, says the report especially key for Atlantic Canada, where family-class immigrants have been staying in larger numbers than their economic counterparts. Family reunification also promotes settlement and integration of immigrants into communities, which encourages better retention rates. ( As reported in the news.