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Immigrant Kids: Children and Border

immigrant kids: Proposed rallies, according to Toronto Star. In the past week, outrage about treatment of children taken into U.S. custody at the Southwest border has reached a fever pitch, exploding in a barrage of tweets and calls to action with the hashtags Where AreThe Children and Missing Children. Scathing criticism over children being taken from their migrant parents at the border. Reports of the 1,475 children HHS could not account for first emerged in April, and proposals to crack down on migrant families crossing the border were discussed as early as last year. Did the United States really lose track of 1,475 immigrant kids In short, yes. J. Scott Applewhite / The Associated Press How accurate are certain claims circulating online What do those children have to do with the Trump administration's new immigration enforcement policies How many families are being separated And why is there so much outrage about it now We take a look at how the story has snowballed. ( As reported in the news.