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I Loathe: Gender-Neutral I and End Pieces

i loathe: In Fiji, it was colourful sarongs, unisexual, according to Toronto Star. In Beijing, beautiful silk cheongsams. They still serve me well. And in Afghanistan, resisting the culturally ordained head covering for females, I deliberately adopted the versatile shemagh or kaffiyeh widely worn by males, tying it as a man would, end pieces crossed over the crown and knotted at the nape of the neck, hanging loose down the back or over a shoulder. Vote now Article Continued Below Also, a shemagh goes better with khakis than a burka. To my mind that satisfied the proscriptions against women baring their head but was also a statement, gender-neutral I'm not acquiescing to cultural practices, imposed on females, that I loathe. ( As reported in the news.