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Housing Opponents: Supreme Court and Justin Trudeau

housing opponents: Diversity is our strength, according to Vancouver Courier. Welcome ToCanada. Members of the Parti Quebecois have for months accused Justin Trudeau of helping to spark the current refugee crisis with a January 2017 tweet welcoming newcomers.article continues below Trending Stories Mom tracks down stroller thief with the help of social media North Delta plastic surgeon found in contempt of court orders Hector Bremner remains defiant, will seek re-election in October Marpole modular housing opponents want to be heard by Supreme Court of Canada The prime minister wrote on Twitter at the time, To those fleeing persecution, terror and war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. The PQ's Catherine Fournier and Carole Poirier say the message gave false hope to people around the world who assumed Canada would welcome them regardless of whether they fit the legal definition of a refugee. They also add that all refugee applicants should do so through the normal process. They're calling on Trudeau to send out another tweet, this time telling people who cross the border irregularly they will not be given a free pass into Canada. ( As reported in the news.