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House Officials: Countries and Suggestion Trump

house officials: White House officials did not immediately respond to questions about which countries the president was referencing or how far along the plan was -- but it's not the first time he's made the suggestion, according to CTV. Trump threatened in February to cut off aid from and slap sanctions on countries that refuse to accept nationals the U.S. tries to deport, saying, If they don't take 'em back, we'll put sanctions on the countries, we'll put tariffs on the countries. We're going to work out something where every time somebody comes in from a certain country, we're going to deduct a rather large amount of money from what we give them in aid -- if we give them aid at all, Trump said during a roundtable discussion on MS-13 on New York's Long Island attended by federal and local officials. During the roundtable, Trump and officials who support more stringent borders laws defended his references to MS-13 gang members as animals as they recounted a litany of hackings, decapitations, bludgeonings and other gruesome crimes that law enforcement authorities blame on the group. He specifically mentioned House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi as saying even gang members are people. I called them animals the other day and I was met with rebuke, Trump said, referencing Democratic criticism. ( As reported in the news.