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Head Tax: Chinese Immigration and Landmark Case

head tax: North America's racist ban on Chinese immigration is an urgent history lesson that pushed Tony Wong, Toronto Star's television critic, to put his family in the spotlight, according to Toronto Star. At which point he found himself surrounded by media eager to hear his story Shack Mack, born in 1909, arrived in Canada at the age of 13 and paid a 500 head tax to enter the country. So after picking him up from his Scarborough nursing home, I packed his wheelchair in the car and drove him to the Chinese restaurant across the street. Mack was my wife Sharon's grandfather and a chief plaintiff in a landmark case against the federal government over the exclusionary Chinese Immigration Act. But, at this moment, all he wanted was dim sum. This was the first news conference for media to hear from a survivor who had launched a class-action lawsuit against the government. ( As reported in the news.