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Government Assistance: Tax Breaks and Karl Marx

government assistance: With government assistance, enormous financial wealth has been created, much of it accumulated by the top 1%. For those who have studied the ideas of Karl Marx, the economic thinker and political activist born 200 years ago on May 5, 1818 in Triers, Germany, the idea that increased wealth accumulation by the few goes hand in hand with the difficulty of earning a living wage for the many, hardly comes as a surprise, according to Rabble. Additional capitalist income is created when workers are paid less than they produce. But promoting private investment through corporate tax breaks and income tax reductions for the wealthy has increased inequality, not promoted wide prosperity. Therefore the incentive to pay your own workers only as much as they need to stay alive is germane to profit seeking. In the 19th century, both John Stuart Mill -- the most famous English liberal -- and Karl Marx -- the most esteemed socialist -- agreed that it was labour that produced value for owners. As revenue increases faster than the wage bill, the difference -- profit -- is pocketed by the owners most often corporations who employ the workers. ( As reported in the news.