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Gordon Warnecke: Trans Person and Dramedy Shifts

gordon warnecke: Rating NNNVenus is about transwoman who is transitioning, but the central thrust of the story is not a physical transformation, according to NOW Magazine. Refreshingly, Montreal writer/director Eisha Majara's charming dramedy shifts the emotional legwork largely to the characters around her lead, creating a film in which the world must come to grips with the trans person not the other way around. Opens Friday May 18 . See listing. That's not to say there isn't adversity. At the same time, she rekindles a romance with a closeted boyfriend Pierre-Yves Cardinal while coming out to her Indian immigrant parents Zena Darawalla and My Beautiful Laundrette's Gordon Warnecke . It's pure soap opera and Majara wastes no time introducing the long-lost son in Venus's opening scenes. Sid Debargo Sanyal is embarking on a transition when she finds out she has a preteen son named Ralph Jamie Mayers with a high-school ex Amber Goldfarb she hasn't spoken to in years. ( As reported in the news.