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Gdp Growth: Canada and Labour Force

gdp growth: The population would age more quickly, according to Toronto Star. The labour force supporting that aging population would shrink. According to researchers Kareem El-Assal and Daniel Fields, if Canada stopped letting in immigrants, the country's annual GDP growth would slow to 1.3 per cent between now and 2040. Mahdi Mehr, an Iranian national who's been in Canada since 2013, said it would be Canada's loss if skilled immigrants decide to leave due to residency application delays. The researchers found that Canada can better sustain growth by increasing immigration over the coming decade. Alex McKeen / Star Metro Vancouver Unlikely though that scenario is, the projection allows us to assess the current and future contributions of immigration to Canada's economic growth, El-Assal and Fields wrote in a Conference Board of Canada report that came out Tuesday. ( As reported in the news.