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G Democracy: European Country and Comparisons End

g democracy: Not that the countries are dissimilar; both have roughly the same population, both are trying to build economies on petroleum resources, and both tried to temper their capitalist economies with socialist programs on the periphery of a vast capitalist empire, according to Rabble. But that is where the comparisons end. It was just by virtue of some such grace, or just dumb luck, that I find myself a citizen of Canada and not Venezuela. Canada prides itself a peaceable G7 democracy negotiating its way through the 21st century in the company of like-minded nations. My family roots are in a small European country stunted by fascism well into 1970s. Venezuela, for the sin of redistributing its full petroleum wealth as social welfare programs rather than accepting a percentage of it as corporate royalties, and though also a democracy, is treated as an international pariah subject to denigration and economic sanctions. ( As reported in the news.