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Equity-Seeking Groups: Interview Tuesday and Julie Payette

equity-seeking groups: That means publicly traded companies are now required, among other things, to disclose the number of women and others from equity-seeking groups, such as visible minorities, on their boards and in senior management, according to CTV. They will also now have to share their policies on diversity -- or explain themselves to their shareholders. This is really a call to action for corporate Canada to step up, Bains said in an interview Tuesday after the government's changes to the Canadian Business Corporations Act received royal assent from Governor General Julie Payette. The act affects nearly 270,000 companies, but Tuesday's amendments would only affect those that also issue shares and report to a securities commission, including about 600 companies on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Bains said he wants Canada to lead the world on the issue. The Conservatives, who began consultations on the possibility of bringing in such legislation when they were in power, supported it. ( As reported in the news.