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Ebrahim Toure: Immigration Authorities and Identity Documents

ebrahim toure: The failed refugee claimant has been languishing in detention for more than five years even though he hasn't been charged or convicted of a crime because immigration authorities can't figure out what to do with him, according to Toronto Star. Ebrahim Toure poses no threat to public safety but has been held in detention by immigration authorities for more than five years. By now readers will be familiar with his disturbing story. Anne-Marie Jackson/ Toronto Star / Toronto Star They want to deport him to Gambia, but that country won't accept him without identity documents, which he claims not to have. This is not only indefensible on moral grounds, it is contrary to explicit directions given by Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale that the detention of migrants should be a last resort. So faced with this catch-22, Canada is keeping him in a Immigration Holding Centre at a cost of more than 90,000 a year. ( As reported in the news.