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Dna Technology: Dna-Sharing Services and Dna Test

dna technology: AP Explains A look at DNA-sharing services and privacy He claims you're not Scottish after all, according to The Chronicle Herald. A DNA test says you're Italian! You immediately trash your whisky and haggis and throw together a big lasagna while pouring Chianti for all. According to our DNA, we're not who we think we are. This is the comical portrayal of ethnic identity you see every day in ads for companies providing DNA-based genealogical services, promising to tell stunned North Americans who, supposedly, they really are. Maybe if we went back far enough using DNA technology, we might find we're actually Italian or Greek or Kenyan. I find the commercials ludicrous, maybe because I have a sense of personal identity with family roots going back to Port Royal in 1692. ( As reported in the news.