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dispersing.a Squabble: Radicals Briefly and Party Member

dispersing.a squabble: The Radicals briefly gathered by the police cordons before dispersing.A squabble was reported with some liberal protesters who came to denounce Seselj, according to Toronto Star. Police later said they were searching for a man who punched a Liberal Democratic Party member. Dozens of policemen sealed off Hrtkovci, 40 kilometres northwest of Belgrade, blocking Serbian Radical Party leader Vojislav Seselj and his supporters from reaching the village and rallying there. The UN war crimes court for the former Yugoslavia last month sentenced Seselj to 10 years in prison over his 1992 speech in Hrtkovci that resulted in the deportations of dozens of ethnic Croats from the village. He is also a lawmaker in the Serbian parliament. Article Continued Below Seselj remains free because he served his sentence while in custody during the trial. ( As reported in the news.