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Discovery District: Old-Stock Canadians

discovery district: On April 6, 59 new Canadians became citizens at a ceremony at the MaRS Discovery District, according to NOW Magazine. Every Canadian by birth should go to a citizenship ceremony at least once in their lives. They were joined by their friends and families, and after taking their oath of citizenship, the nervous energy in the room switched to celebration. It's not only a celebration of our shared values, opportunities and responsibilities as Canadians, it's also a powerful antidote to the racially tinged nationalism being pushed by far-right movements in Canada who believe that our culture is under attack and that so-called old-stock Canadians are somehow more Canadian simply because they are white and European. The April 6 event was part of an enhanced ceremony put on by the Institute for Canadian Citizenship ICC co-founded by John Ralston Saul and former Governor General Adrienne Clarkson. Unlike many people born here, new Canadians who had to struggle to earn their citizenship appreciate the responsibilities of what that means more than some of us who were born here. ( As reported in the news.