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Decision: Liberties Association and Deportation Hearing

decision: The application for judicial review seeks to challenge the government's decision to refer his case to a deportation hearing, arguing the decision was unreasonable, unfair and contrary to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and international law, according to Vancouver Courier. Both groups argued before Justice Ann Marie McDonald in Halifax that their positions would assist the court in arriving at a decision in Abdi's case one they claim will have wider implications for vulnerable youth in Canada. Lawyers for the Canadian Civil Liberties Association and Justice for Children and Youth argued in Federal Court on Tuesday that their groups would offer unique perspectives about the issues surrounding Abdi's case.article continues below Trending Stories Is rental-only zoning the answer to Vancouver's affordability crisis City of Vancouver plans to invest in renewing aging infrastructure and amenities Please keep looking, says sister of UBC grad who fell into Squamish River Pipeline opponents use social media as their megaphone to rally hundreds to Vancouver protest The Canada Border Services Agency detained Abdi, who was never granted Canadian citizenship while growing up in foster care in Nova Scotia, after he served about five years in prison for multiple offences including aggravated assault. Young people who have grown up in the care of various child welfare organizations across the country are often placed in a position where they are not provided with adequate protection, in the sense that they haven't been provided with an opportunity to apply for Canadian citizenship, Jane Stewart, a lawyer for the Justice for Children and Youth, said outside court. It's a situation that affects Mr. They're then exposed to the jeopardy of deportation as adults in a way that other young people may not be. ( As reported in the news.