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Days Toure: Toure and Security Jail

days toure: He has not been convicted of a crime but has spent the majority of that time in a maximum security jail, according to Toronto Star. As reported by the Star's Brendan Kennedy He's detained by Canada Border Services Agency solely because officials believe he will not show up for his deportation, if they can ever arrange it. Toure is Canada's longest-serving immigration detainee. Ebrahim Toure has never been charged with a crime but has been at the Central East Correctional Centre in Lindsay, Ont for five years on immigration detention. Outside the picturesque Toronto courthouse, Toure's supporters had organized a rally in which they handed out several hundred tulips, each one meant to mark the 1,915 days Toure has spent in Canada's custody awaiting an answer.I spoke to a friend of Toure who has known him for 10 years. Anne-Marie Jackson/ Toronto Star / Toronto Star This week, the Ontario Court of Appeal heard arguments from Toure's lawyer and lawyers for the provincial and federal government. ( As reported in the news.