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David Chariandy: Novels Soucouyant and Water Bottles

david chariandy: But it explains why I am thankful that David Chariandy, who brought us the complicated stories of suburban Scarborough through his novels Soucouyant and Brother, has written a non-fiction book called I've Been Meaning To Tell You A Letter To My Daughter McClelland & Stewart . Like much of Toronto, we live in a racially diverse neighbourhood, just a little west of Yonge and Finch, according to NOW Magazine. Parents admonish their children at the nearby playground in Farsi, Korean, Tagalog, Russian and Hindi that would be me! among other languages. This story requires a bit of context, so forgive the long set-up, dear reader. We were out on a rather hot day, loaded with water bottles and slathered in sunscreen. It was so hot that the playground was empty, save for another young girl, whose mother was chatting with her in Spanish. And just that morning we'd talked about different skin tones and the importance of sun protection for all. ( As reported in the news.