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Cultures Pairing: Halifax Experience and Mosaic Festival

cultures pairing: Organized by the Halifax-based immigration platform My Halifax Experience, the inaugural Mosaic Festival will break the mould of past multicultural festivals, wowing spectators and participants with a carnival-inspired display of colourful culture, according to The Chronicle Herald. We are honoured that Waterfront Development approached us to organize this event because we feel it's important for our immigrant population to feel at home here, says Ifeanyi Emesih, founder of My Halifax Experience and Mosaic Festival. The one-day multicultural event will be a unique celebration of the city's diverse cultures pairing a vibrant parade of music and dance with a waterfront party of concerts and vendors. We want this festival to become one of Halifax's essential summer events for our immigrants, newcomers and international students to have a familiar piece of home on the waterfront; and for the residents of Halifax to have the chance to discover, learn and immerse themselves in other cultures. The parade will start at Pier 21 symbolic of Halifax's strong ties with welcoming newcomers. Starting with a parade along Lower Water Street, the family-friendly event will feature music and dance from around the world. ( As reported in the news.