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Chinese Cuisine: Family Kitchens and Chinese-Oriented Nobody

chinese cuisine: The manager told me, this is Chinese-oriented; nobody comes here for food outside of Chinese cuisine,' smiled Akhavan as she recalled that first meeting, according to Vancouver Courier. And I don't know Chinese people, their culture and eating habits, she said. President Plaza, at Cambie and No.3 roads, is a den of small shops and family kitchens, and is one of Richmond's best kept foodie secrets.article continues below Trending Stories Seventy sinful years of the Penthouse Nightclub Lifetime bans introduced for weapons infractions at Granville Street bars Vancouver's Aboriginal relations manager resigns to run Ian Campbell's mayoral campaign Christie Charles named Vancouver's first Indigenous poet laureate The mall has long sold exclusively Chinese products and food, and the plaza's authentic breakfasts are revered within Richmond's Chinese community. I told myself, I know it's going to be very challenging, but I will make it and convince everyone that my idea and menu is gonna work. Now, she tosses kebabs and serves up rice with her brother David, who used to be a chef in Germany. Akhavan wowed the management with an exquisite tray of her Iranian food samples, soon becoming the proud owner of AnAr, the only restaurant selling non-Chinese food in President Plaza's bustling food court. ( As reported in the news.