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Cell Donor: Cell Donors and Nguyen

cell donor: Because of genetics, people from similar ethnic backgrounds are more likely to be a stem-cell match, according to Toronto Star. The event aimed to find Bille a stem cell donor, although it was open to people of every ethnic background. Edmontonians, a majority of them of Vietnamese or Chinese descent, were gathered around tables registering themselves to become stem cell donors at the swabbing event organized by sisters of Bille Nguyen, a 25-year-old with subcutaneous panniculitis-like T-cell lymphoma, a rare form of cancer. I'm just amazed, said Susan Nguyen, Bille's sister. The Nguyen family has been campaigning for more people from ethnic minorities to register as stem cell donors after their own brother's diagnosis. I can't believe our message has reached this many people. ( As reported in the news.