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Caravan Organizers: Caravan Members

caravan organizers: Mexico's National Human Rights Commission and Baja California state agencies said in a joint statement that their priorities were guaranteeing the safety of pregnant women and children and maintaining order, while respecting caravan members' right to protest, according to Vancouver Courier. Mexican officials sent doctors and nurses to the encampment on Wednesday for medical exams and to dispense medicine to people suffering respiratory problems and stomach pains. Mexican federal immigration officials and directors of privately run migrant shelters met with organizers at a large conference room table Tuesday night, gently encouraging caravan members to return to shelters for temporary housing. Caravan organizers said decisions on where to sleep rested with the asylum-seekers. At the end, they make their decision and we support them. said Roberto Corona, a leader of Pueblo Sin Fronteras.U.S. authorities say temporary capacity constraints have forced asylum-seekers to wait in Mexico. Our job is to give them information as accurately as we can. ( As reported in the news.