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Canadians I: Reporters Saturday and Care Program

canadians i: I'm a huge supporter of new Canadians, according to Toronto Star. I'm a huge supporter of new immigrants coming into this country, trying to make their own way, he added, claiming Ford Nation is the most diverse group anywhere in Canada. My opponents are playing politics, you know that, Ford told reporters Saturday at a central Etobicoke retirement home, where he promised a 98-million dental care program for 100,000 low-income seniors if he is elected premier on June 7. Read more Anybody-but-Ford movement is percolating as June 7 election nears poll Article Continued Below Here are the four candidates wanting to be Ontario's next premier, and what they're promising Opinion Shree Paradkar Among Doug Ford's PCs, yet another candidate with bigoted views emerges The controversy made headlines Friday after a leaders debate on northern Ontario issues, where Ford said he had concerns about duplicating a federal pilot project in Atlantic Canada to lure newcomers to sparsely populated parts of Ontario. react-empty 166 I'd be more than happy to sit down and talk to the folks and look at a pilot project. Once we take care of our own and we exhaust every single avenue and we don't have anyone that can fulfil the job, then I'd be open to that. But, No. 1 I'm a pretty generous guy I'm taking care of our own first, Ford told delegates to a conference held by the Federation of Northern Ontario Municipalities. ( As reported in the news.