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Canadian Companies: Canadian Council and Employees Recruitment

canadian companies: This has led to situations where migrant workers are left indebted to the recruiters and are then vulnerable to abuses, including human trafficking, according to The Chronicle Herald. Charging employees recruitment or placement fees is illegal, but that doesn't mean it isn't happening, says Janet Dench, executive director of the council. The Canadian Council of Refugees says some temporary workers brought in to fill low-wage jobs are being recruited overseas by agents who charge upwards of 40,000 to place them in a job. Often, the culprits are overseas headhunting companies or agents hired by Canadian companies to find workers, she added. With fees that can range from a few thousand to, reportedly, up to 40,000, temporary foreign workers sometimes end up in debt to the recruiters. It's widespread and it comes up again and again, people saying, 'When I got here I had already paid this amount of money in order to get this job,' and so people are in a very bad situation. ( As reported in the news.