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Apothecary House: Apothecary and Front Porch

apothecary house: The one at 205 advertises the two-storey red brick as the Robert Farley Apothecary, dated 1857, according to Toronto Star. But on the shingle beside the old doctor's entrance to the left of the front porch, the word apothecary appears to have been cut from a separate piece of wood and inserted into the sign. Similarly discreet white placards adorn other historic homes in old Oakville, with the names and professions of the original residents of those properties. Over the years, there were additions and changes made to the historic Apothecary house at 205 Trafalgar Rd., in Oakville. The couple's children have put the house on the market for the first time since 1954. An old summer kitchen was torn down and replaced and late owner Gurth Bramall built a studio on the back north rear of the house for his wife art conservator June Bramall, who died in January. ( As reported in the news.