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Voter Fatigue: Opinion Polls and Public-Spending Largesse

voter fatigue: The Liberals have been in power since 2003, aside from a brief PQ minority government between 2012 and 2014, and their major fear is voter fatigue with their brand, according to National Observer. Jean-Francois Lisee's PQ, currently in third place in the polls, is struggling to get attention and has positioned itself as the big-government mainstream choice in a province already known for its public-spending largesse. With the Oct. 1 election now six months away, Francois Legault's nationalist Coalition Avenir Quebec is riding high in public opinion polls. ; Recent surveys have suggested the Coalition would have formed a minority government or obtained a slim majority if the election had been held when they were conducted. Taking current polling at face value can be misleading, however, because the Liberals' spring budget has proven popular, the PQ cannot be entirely counted out, and recent events have indicated the Coalition is vulnerable with its strong nationalist rhetoric. We did exactly what we said we were going to do, Couillard said recently about his party's 2014 campaign promises. Philippe Couillard's Liberals have entered spring on a high note after tabling a fourth consecutive balanced budget one that cuts business taxes and aims to aggressively pay down the province's high debt. ( As reported in the news.