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Trump Administration and People

vote: The vote was 5-4, with Justice Neil M. Gorsuch joining the court's four more liberal members to form a bare majority, which was a first, according to Toronto Star. Gorsuch wrote that the law crossed a constitutional line. The decision will limit the Trump administration's efforts to deport people convicted of some kinds of crimes. Vague laws, he wrote in a concurring opinion, invite arbitrary power. His vote in Tuesday's case was not entirely surprising, though, as he has a skepticism of vague laws that do not give people affected by them adequate notice of what they prohibit. Read more In 7 months on U.S. Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch has been just what conservatives hoped for and what liberals feared Article Continued Below Gorsuch had voted with the court's conservative majority in February in a different immigration case, one that ruled that people held in immigration detention, sometimes for years, are not entitled to periodic hearings to decide whether they may be released on bail. ( As reported in the news.