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Tribunal Custody: Crimes and Serb Paramilitaries

tribunal custody: Because he had already spent nearly 12 years in tribunal custody since surrendering in 2003, Wednesday's sentencing in The Hague, the Netherlands, had no practical impact on him, according to CTV. Seselj told The Associated Press just prior to the reading of the verdict that I don't care about the ruling. Vojislav Seselj, who leads the Serbian Radical Party and is a lawmaker in the Serbian parliament, was acquitted in 2016 of nine war crimes and crimes against humanity charges because of insufficient evidence. Now I'll go and have a siesta. Prosecutors accused him of crimes including persecution, murder and torture and had demanded a 28-year sentence for his support of Serb paramilitaries during the bloody wars in Croatia and Bosnia. Afterward, he told the AP the ruling was illegal, adding that he was proud of all the war crimes and crimes against humanity that were attributed to me, and I am ready to repeat them in the future. ( As reported in the news.