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Trafficking Network: Roxham Rd and Haitian Refugees

trafficking network: Right now, there are projections on the table saying that we could go in the neighbourhood of 400 people per day, according to Toronto Star. The province says it wants the federal government to investigate a suspected trafficking network that is helping refugee claimants most of them Nigerian to travel to the United States and sneak across the border into Canada at Roxham Road, which connects New York State with Quebec. Last year, we peaked at about 250 a day and that was considered massive, said Quebec Immigration Minister David Heurtel. Read more For hundreds fleeing Trump, this dead end at Roxham Rd. has become the gateway to Canada Article Continued Below Montreal's Olympic Stadium becomes shelter as Haitian refugees from the U.S. seek home in Canada Opinion Vicky Mochama Canada vastly unprepared to process migrants and refugees It also wants refugee claimants to be sent to other provinces or regions to ease the burden on Quebec, particularly its education and health systems. react-empty 146 As if to underline the gravity of the problem, Heurtel said the 1,850-bed shelter system in the Montreal area will stop accepting new arrivals as of next week when the level of occupation hits 85 per cent. The new reality with migrants demands a new way of doing things. We can't take this situation lightly. ( As reported in the news.