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Supreme Court: Canada and Wage Gap

supreme court: The reality of systemic racism racial disadvantage embedded in social, political, and legal systems in Canada has been recognized by the UN, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, international human rights organizations, official government inquiries and watchdogs, the Supreme Court, and research and policy institutes, according to Toronto Star. Canada has a wide and enduring racial wage gap Indigenous people and other people of colour earn 30 per cent less than white workers, according to data from the latest census. The Globe and Mail's John Ibbitson claimed the government is just trying to make Canadians feel bad about themselves even though Canada is the most tolerant country on earth ; Toronto Star columnist Chantal H bert characterized the consultation as a solution in search of a problem promulgated by a Liberal government even more ideologically driven than Harper's Conservatives ; Globe and Mail Ottawa bureau chief Robert Fife said he doubts systematic sic racism exists in Canada, because if you go to high schools and universities kids of all ethnic backgrounds are hanging around with each other. And as Oxfam and the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives point out in a recent report, the fact that the wage gap actually increases for Aboriginal, racialized, and immigrant women with university degrees demonstrates the limits of education as a tool to address the discriminatory distribution of wages and employment. Over two years ago, the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal ruled that the federal government has been discriminating against Indigenous kids living on reserves, by providing them with 22 per cent less funding for services per capita than other children in Canada. The child poverty rate in Indigenous communities is 51 per cent four times higher than the poverty rate for white children. ( As reported in the news.