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Sun Cycle: Bikeshare System

sun cycle: The project has an estimated 1 million budget, most of which would be used to construct bicycle lanes and equipment on the Ju rez side, and it could open as soon as autumn 2018. ; The system would build on El Paso's existing bikeshare system, Sun Cycle, which began in September 2015, according to National Observer. The ultimate goal a binational system with 30 stations and 300 bicycles, all of which will be available to use on either side of the Rio Grande.A binational border-spanning bikeshare might sound like an unlikely undertaking, given the tone of the current immigration debate, but to Michael Medina, executive director of El Paso's MPO and head of the project, it's also eminently practical for this borderland metropolis, where American corporations have established a network of maquiladoras, or factories, on the Mexican side of the river. The initiative, proposed by El Paso's Metropolitan Planning Organization MPO more than a year ago, was presented at the Transportation Research Board in Washington D.C. on January 7. A lot of people that travel to El Paso from Mexico are dropped off at the border, he says. So we thought, what if they could get directly to their destination using a bicycle Biking across international borders is relatively rare, but not impossible. They walk through the bridge, and then they either get the bus on the other side or someone picks them up. ( As reported in the news.