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Slovak Court: David Scheffel

slovak court: David Scheffel said his request for bail was denied earlier this year and a second plea for release to the Slovak court filed on April 4 has not been heard, according to Toronto Star. Scheffel, 63, told the Kamloops This Week online news publication that he feels vulnerable and claims his imprisonment is related to his research on juvenile Romani prostitutes, but also to my previous advocacy on behalf of disenfranchised Roma in general. Prof. Scheffel's comments were written in a letter from jail, then passed to a friend who sent the letter to Kamloops This Week. Article Continued Below He said he would like to see the Canadian government get involved or show some degree of official interest, but he understands why it might not do that. Scheffel said the university had been helping him in subtle but meaningful ways and he does not feel abandoned by his employer. ( As reported in the news.