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Signature Dish: Jollibee and Toronto Location

signature dish: The chain serves sweet and cheesy Filipino style spaghetti, and chicken so crispy and juicylicious' that even its name on the menu promises a feeling of happiness, according to NOW Magazine. Chickenjoy or Jolly Crispy Chicken Jollibee's signature dish, was apparently my favourite as a child. There is nothing more synonymous with Filipino fast food than Jollibee the happy looking little bee with a chef's hat. Now that they're finally opening a Toronto location on Sunday April 1 I'll be able to see if that still holds true. No, Jollibee stayed with me. When I moved to Toronto as a toddler, I unwittingly left behind the world of Jolly Spaghetti, Palabok Fiestas and Breakfast Joys traditional Filipino garlic rice, egg and meat-based breakfasts but I didn't forget about Jollibee. ( As reported in the news.