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Semi-Vegetative State: Son Home and Alfie Evans

semi-vegetative state: The judge appeared to rule that out at an emergency court hearing in Manchester, but asked whether there might be other options that involved Alfie's parents taking their son home, according to CTV. The hearing was adjourned while the hospital considered the question. The Christian Legal Centre, which is supporting the parents of 23-month-old Alfie Evans, said lawyers would repeat a request to judge Anthony Hayden to allow the boy to be cared for at the Vatican's hospital in Rome. Doctors say Alfie is in a semi-vegetative state as a result of a degenerative neurological condition that medics have been unable to identify precisely. But his parents have refused to accept the decision and fought to prevent Alfie's life support being switched off. Doctors treating him at Alder Hey Children's Hospital say he has little brain function and further treatment is futile. ( As reported in the news.