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Security Forces: Years Thousands and Wartime Repression

security forces: He demanded that Pakistan's security forces produce hundreds of missing detainees and stop harassing residents of his native Pashtun tribal belt, where conflicts with Taliban militants have been raging for years, according to Toronto Star. Thousands of supporters cheered and chanted songs including What is this freedom a popular protest ballad about wartime repression. But when Manzoor Pashteen took the stage at a recent rally in this Pashtun heartland city, the self-effacing veterinarian was transformed into an impassioned firebrand. The emotional crowd included students and professionals drawn by social media, and burqa-covered tribal women carrying posters of husbands or brothers who were seized in security raids and never seen again. For the first time, this scattered and struggling populace found common cause, especially via social media, raising the spectre of a nationalist uprising in the minority of 40 million. The rally on April 8 was a pivotal moment for the Pashtun Protection Movement, known by its Urdu initials PTM. Once a tiny group that denounced abuses in the northwest tribal area, it burst onto the national scene in January after Naqeebullah Mehsud, a young Pashtun man in distant Karachi, was shot dead in a police anti-terrorism operation.A surge of anger swept Pashtun communities across the country. ( As reported in the news.