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Sanctions: Country Haven and Myanmar

sanctions: Wider, more general sanctions against the country haven't worked in the past, he said, according to Toronto Star. Above all, he urged Canada to take a clear stand and press for justice and accountability for the tragedy unfolding in the region. In a report released Tuesday, Rae calls on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to more than triple the amount of money spent on aid to the region, to 150 million a year over the next four years; to accept thousands of largely Muslim minority refugees who have fled Myanmar without specifying a particular number; and to maintain targeted economic sanctions against individuals responsible for the abuses of human rights and the crimes against humanity in Myanmar. Although Myanmar hasn't signed onto the treaty granting jurisdiction to the International Criminal Court, there are ways for the international community, via the court or the UN, to investigate events over the last several years, and prosecute those responsible, Rae said. At a news conference to discuss his report, Rae said the situation has all the hallmarks of a possible genocide and the world doesn't need to dwell on legal definitions before acting to prevent it from happening. Article Continued Below What we do, or don't do, in response to the Rohingya crisis will be a litmus test for Canada's foreign policy, said Rae, a former Liberal leader, lawyer and foreign affairs expert. ( As reported in the news.