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Region: Atlantic Canada and Stephen Mcneil

region: We should be importing them to build on our dream here in Atlantic Canada, according to The Chronicle Herald. Without more people we cannot deliver on the services that you and I and our families expect in this region. I think the single biggest thing we can do as a region, as a population, is to welcome more new Canadians to our region and allow them the opportunity that all of us have been given to build a wonderful life for ourselves here, Stephen McNeil said during a panel with the three other Liberal premiers in Atlantic Canada. In a backhanded swipe at the previous NDP government, McNeil said when the Liberals were elected in 2013, we came in with a half-a-billion-dollar deficit, we had no migration of young people into the province and our population was declining. . . . The last two years we've had more young people move into our province than move out and we've seen a tremendous growth in new Nova Scotians who are coming here looking for hopes to build a new life here. During that period, 1,022 left the province. According to Statistics Canada, 4,356 people moved into Nova Scotia between June 2016 and June 2017. ( As reported in the news.