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Refugee Crisis: Asylum Seekers and York State

refugee crisis: In 2017, Quebec received roughly 25,000 asylum seekers who entered from legal and illegal border crossings, representing half of the total in Canada, according to Toronto Star. Read more Quebec preparing for up to 400 asylum seekers a day at the U.S. border this summer Article Continued Below Opinion There's nothing illegal' about asylum seekers So far this year, 6,074 people have entered the province from the United States triple the number of people compared with the same period in 2017. On Wednesday, Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard said Ottawa's response to his request for assistance on the refugee crisis reflects a complete ignorance of what's going on at the border between his province and New York state. Quebec has asked Ottawa for a plan on how to manage the influx of people and has requested additional funds to cover the 146 million in unprecedented expenses the province paid in 2017, when the crisis began. react-empty 142 In a written response to Quebec's request, federal Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen seemed to chastise the province for its current handling of asylum seekers. This risks creating delays at the border and triggering an unacceptable humanitarian situation. While last summer, Quebec was operating 13 temporary shelters to welcome asylum seekers, I have noticed that only four are currently available, he said in his letter, a copy of which was obtained by The Canadian Press. ( As reported in the news.