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Refugee Claimants: Opposition Conservatives and Trudeau Liberals

refugee claimants: This has been an issue for well over a year, but this prime minister has failed to take any concrete steps to address the situation, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer said, according to CTV. Meanwhile, families here in Canada who are waiting to be reunited with a loved one or refugees facing real danger have to wait longer because of the government's inaction. The Trudeau Liberals and the Opposition Conservatives blamed each other Tuesday for problems caused by a spike in refugee claimants entering Canada illegally from the U.S. -- an influx that does not appear to be slowing down. Why Prime Minister Justin Trudeau countered that lengthy delays for processing refugee claims were caused by a cut in funding to the Canada Border Services Agency by the former Conservative administration of Stephen Harper. Their cuts left us with significant backlogs, Trudeau said. I think people will be forgiven for rolling their eyes when the Conservatives talk about supporting refugees or accelerating process for family reunification. ( As reported in the news.