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Prostitution-Related Crimes: Stephanie Wang-Breal and Counselling Sessions

prostitution-related crimes: If they attend the sessions, their charges are dropped, according to NOW Magazine. Stephanie Wang-Breal's persistent cameras capture conversations and the close relationships among the program's participants, including special court judge Toko Serita, counsellor Eliza Hook and women, many of them illegal immigrants from China, caught up in sex work life. Rating NNNNIn 2004, a gob-smackingly progressive program is initiated in Queens, in which New York's justice system gives women arrested for prostitution-related crimes the option of forgoing a trial in favour of counselling sessions. Attempts to zero in on the personal lives of Serita and Hook almost derail the pic, but Blowin' Up the term for leaving the sex trade winds up being a powerful ode to a sanctuary city even if Trump's Immigration Services have started invading to sweep up the undocumented. May 1, 6 45 pm, Hart House; May 3, 12 30 pm, TIFF 1; May 5, 9 pm, Revue ( As reported in the news.