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Pr Crisis: Emailed Statement and Survey Questions

pr crisis: Maybe I will change some of these questions to make sure some PR crisis like this won't happen again, he said, according to CTV. I am not too happy to see my clients in trouble like that. CROP president Alain Giguere said Tuesday he is sad that his client, Aeroplan parent company Aimia, had been disparaged on social media for circulating a survey in mid-March that his company wrote. In an emailed statement, he added, we are very sorry if our recent survey questions have offended some people. On Monday, Aimia apologized for including questions in a survey on whether too much immigration threatens the purity of the country, if getting married and having children is the only real way of having a family, whether men have a certain natural superiority over women, and nothing can change this and if the father of the family must be master in his own house. That was certainly not our intention. ( As reported in the news.