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Policy Change: Windrush Generation

policy change: Windrush was the name of the ship that brought the first load of immigrants from Caribbean countries in 1948, according to CTV. The Commonwealth immigrants who arrived in the decades after that have come to be known as the Windrush generation. Some of the victims of the so-called Windrush scandal have been let go from their jobs, lost access to vital social services and faced deportation. Many of them came as children and were never formally given paperwork, despite being legally in the U.K. After a policy change in 2013 when May was Home Secretary, some employers were forced to check immigration statuses, and many members of the Windrush generation received letters telling them to leave. The special needs teaching assistant arrived in the U.K. with his parents in 1961 at the age of eight. Michael Braithwaite, who was born in Barbados, lost his job as a result of the policy after more than five decades in the country. ( As reported in the news.