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People: Alexandre Bissonnette and Sentencing Hearing

people: For sure, the terrorist attacks that killed so many people made me think of it, Bissonnette said, regarding the night of Jan. 29, 2017, when he entered the mosque and murdered the six men, according to National Observer. He said he wasn't a monster or a terrorist, adding he went to the mosque to save lives. In the video recorded the day after the shooting, Alexandre Bissonnette told police how terrorists had killed scores of people throughout Europe. ; And he lost it after learning Canada was preparing to take in more refugees. Instead of shooting himself alone in the woods, Bissonnette said, thanks to his actions, maybe 100 people will now be saved. The recording was tabled into evidence by the Crown during Bissonnette's sentencing hearing. Maybe 200 or 300 people, he said later in the video. ( As reported in the news.