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Official Ports: Refugee Lawyers and Donald Trump

official ports: Compared to the same time last year in the months following Donald Trump's arrival in the White House the number of migrants walking across the border has tripled, according to Toronto Star. Refugee lawyers and advocates have called for Canada to suspend its involvement with the Safe Third Country Agreement STCA . Because of its rules, the STCA incentivizes migrants seeking asylum to not claim at official ports of entry, such as official border stations. The RCMP reported earlier this month that in January and February it had intercepted 3,000 people crossing from the U.S. to Canada to claim asylum. The influx of people to Canada both predates and is a symptom of current American foreign policy. However, there has long been a sizable migrant crisis; globally the number is 60 million people, including refugees and internally displaced people. The Trump administration's hostility toward migrants whether it is expanding deportation or rescinding temporary protected status for more than 200,000 individuals is influential. ( As reported in the news.