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Officer: Immigration Officer

officer: Despite the claim, an immigration officer, identified by the court only as B. Au, concluded Nagarasa had provided insufficient evidence that his life would be at risk and that it would safe for him to return, according to Toronto Star. In the new Federal Court ruling, Justice Shirzad S. Ahmed described the immigration officer's approach as overzealous and unreasonable. The case involves GTA man Suresh Nagarasa, who claims he was tortured by Sri Lankan authorities on two occasions, a statement that is backed up by letters from a Sri Lankan legislator and justice of the peace. The immigration officer's decision is replete with findings of insufficient evidence,' wrote Ahmed. Ahmed rejected the immigration officer's decision and sent the case back to be reconsidered. Article Continued Below The officer's overzealous approach to scrutinizing the letters for hearsay, dates, and other allegedly missing details comes dangerously close to imposing an impossible standard that would effectively require letters from persons who were physically present during the alleged mistreatment. ( As reported in the news.