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Name Woodroffe: Twitter Account and Healing Session

name woodroffe: Relatives of Olivia Arevalo Lomas, 81, said that a foreigner had asked her for a healing session and then shot her to death, according to CTV. The man's body was later found buried about one kilometre from Arevalo's home, and an autopsy showed he died by strangulation after receiving several blows. That man has been identified in a statement from Peru's interior ministry as Canadian Sebastian Paul Woodroffe. A Twitter account for Peru's Ombudsman's Office called for an investigation after the lynching and murder of the alleged perpetrator of Arevalo's assassination. Prosecutors said they were exploring several theories related to Arevalo's murder and that they would not rest until her murder is solved. The Ombudsman's office did not name Woodroffe. ( As reported in the news.