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Multicultural Toronto: Navy Cardigan and Life Wasn

multicultural toronto: A pep talk about multiculturalism being the thrust and engine of our everyday life wasn't what I expected from Woods, who is packaged as a country star south of the border, but fits better into a CBC folk musician template at home, according to NOW Magazine. But before starting his set, dressed in a Canadian tuxedo, navy cardigan and a Maple Leafs hat, Sarnia-born Woods talked about how rough this week has been for the city he has called home for 15 years, refuting the idea that multiculturalism is just a hot-button topic, a clear dig at Mayor John Tory, whose first response to the attack was a speech on how multicultural Toronto is. Rating NNNNNDonovan Woods's sold-out show was a heartfelt hug to Toronto, two days after tragedy struck the city in the form of a van, driven by a misogynist, running down pedestrians. We can be sad and angry, he said, while still being thoughtful. Starting with Another Way, from the new album Both Ways released on April 20 Woods, backed by his band the Opposition, let his raspy, subtly sexy voice fill the space with emotion. And what he gave us was a thoughtful set with banter, comedy and beautiful lighting a comfortable and cozy mood on a cold, wet night. ( As reported in the news.