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Mary Bosze and Years Meaning

home: They paid rent but the home remained under her mom's ownership, according to Vancouver Courier. Even one of Oviedo's grandchildren lived in the home for five years meaning five generations of family have lived in the house at various points over the years. Her grandfather, Italian immigrant Domenic Liberto, built it in 1939 and it was passed on to her mother, Mary Bosze, who lived in it until she died this past December at age 87.article continues below Trending Stories Greater Vancouver home prices to drop 21 per cent by 2019 analysis Vancouver women recount different paths to sobriety Comedian Jim Gaffigan trolls rainy Vancouver Finding secret location of giant mastadon sculpture worth the hike Oviedo had moved back in with her husband and children about 20 years ago to care for her mother as she aged.A beautiful basement suite was created for Bosze, and the couple fixed up the front and back yards. Now it's just Oviedo and her husband, but much to their dismay, they're are on the verge of moving out. It was put up for sale April 11 for almost 1.7 million. Bosze willed the home to Oviedo and her five siblings, but the property is worth far too much for any of the siblings to buy it on their own. ( As reported in the news.